An Accounting Knowledge Competition organised by
Indian Accounting Association




Center: Thiruvanantpuram

Roll No Level Name Father Name Result Center Topper Award
521001 Junior ABHIRAMI A SANAL KUMAR S Certificate of Participation
521003 Junior AISWARYA V L SASIDHARA KURUP G Brillant Perfromance Award Center Topper
521004 Junior AJAY REJI THEKKEKARA REJI THOMAS T 50th to 60th percentile
521005 Junior AKHIL P BHASKARAN K 60th to 70th percentile
521006 Junior AKHIL VIJAYAN VIJAYAN T K 80th to 90th percentile
521007 Junior AKHILA MAHESHKUMAR R Certificate of Participation
521008 Junior AMINA VAHAB VAHAB Certificate of Participation
521009 Junior AMRITHA T THULASEEDHARAN PILLAI 50th to 60th percentile
521010 Junior ANAGHA M S SANAL KUMAR P S Certificate of Participation
521011 Junior ANAKHA MAHESHKUMAR R Certificate of Participation
521013 Junior ANJANA A B P ANIL KUMAR 80th to 90th percentile
521015 Junior ANJU ANNA SAJI SAJI 70 to 80 percentile
521016 Junior ANN MARY ROY ROY SAMUEL Brillant Perfromance Award
521017 Junior ANUSHA T K KANAKARAJ K 80th to 90th percentile
521019 Junior ARCHA AJI KUMAR AJI KUMAR 80th to 90th percentile
521020 Junior ARYA C KUMARAN NAIR Y T 60 to 70 Percentile
521022 Junior ASHISH JOSEPH JOSEPH TP 70 to 80 percentile
521024 Junior ASWATHI M VASU K Certificate of Participation
521100 Junior ASWATHY P G GOPAKUMAR V Certificate of Participation
521025 Junior ASWINI KURUP S AMBUJAKSHA KURUP 80th to 90th percentile
521026 Junior ATHIRA A M K MURALEEDHARAN NAIR Certificate of Participation
521027 Junior ATHIRA REJI REJI V S Brillant Perfromance Award
521029 Junior DEEPTHI SATHEESH KUMAR K Certificate of Participation
521030 Junior DEVIKA AJAYAN N AJAYAN 70 to 80 percentile
521031 Junior DIJA DILEEP G DILEEP KUMAR Certificate of Participation
521032 Junior ELIZABATH MATHEW MATHEW N C 80th to 90th percentile
521034 Junior GAURI S PRADEEP KUMAR C Certificate of Participation
521035 Junior GAYATHRI K KRISHNAMOORTHY R Brillant Perfromance Award
521036 Junior GAYATHRI M NAIR HAREESH KUMAR V Certificate of Participation
521037 Junior GOPIKA B GOPAKUMARAN NAIR V 80th to 90th percentile
521038 Junior GOUTHAM S SUDHAKARAN PILLAI R 50th to 60th percentile
521039 Junior GOWRI KRISHNA G MURALEE KRISHNAN 70 to 80 percentile
521040 Junior HAREESHMA G S GIREESHKUMAR P Certificate of Participation
521041 Junior HARIKRISHNAN M L A MURALEEDHARAN NAIR Brillant Perfromance Award
521042 Junior HASEENA HUSSAIN MUHAMMED HUSSAIN Certificate of Participation
521043 Junior JAYALEKSHMI J L JAYAKUMAR A Certificate of Participation
521045 Junior JENIFFER SARA GEORGE GEORGE JOHN Certificate of Participation
521046 Junior JINU G SABU K 50th to 60th percentile
521047 Junior JISHA S GOPALAKRISHNAN S Certificate of Participation
521101 Junior Juliet Rachel Mathew Brillant Perfromance Award
521049 Junior JYOTHIKA B BALAJI S 60th to 70th percentile
521051 Junior KEERTHANA NAIR GOPAKUMAR V 80th to 90th percentile
521052 Junior LAKSHMI VIDYADHARAN D VIDYADHARAN 50th to 60th percentile
521053 Junior LEKSHMIJA J S JAYAKUMAR K Certificate of Participation
521054 Junior LIFNA S S SALAHUDEEN 60th to 70th percentile
521055 Junior MAHIMA MARIAM PHILIP SANTHOSH M SAM 70 to 80 percentile
521056 Junior MAJIDA S MUHAMMAD KUNJU Certificate of Participation
521057 Junior MEENU J A JAGADHEESH KUMAR K S 70 to 80 percentile
521058 Junior MONCY R M RAJAN J 80th to 90th percentile
521059 Junior MUHAMMED ANZAL M H MUHAMMED BADUSHA Certificate of Participation
521060 Junior MUHAMMED SHAN S SHAJAHAN Brillant Perfromance Award
521061 Junior NANDU GIRISH KR GIRISH KUMAR 60th to 70th percentile
521062 Junior NAZRIN FARZANA N M NOUSHAD 80th to 90th percentile
521063 Junior NEETHU P PADMANABHAN K K 50th to 60th percentile
521065 Junior NIVEDA B K SATHISH KUMAR 70 to 80 percentile
521067 Junior PARVATHY A S SASI R Certificate of Participation
521068 Junior PARVATHY J CHANDRASEKHARA KURUP B Certificate of Participation
521069 Junior PARVATHY S DEV SUDEVAN A Certificate of Participation
521070 Junior PRAYAG P PADMANABHAN T P 80th to 90th percentile
521071 Junior PRINCY PRASAD P B PRASAD 50th to 60th percentile
521072 Junior RAHNA S SALIM PK 60th to 70th percentile
521074 Junior RESIKA ASHOKAN ASHOKAN P K 60th to 70th percentile
521075 Junior RESMI S S SUDEER KUMAR V 50th to 60th percentile
521076 Junior RINJU THOMAS THOMAS JOHN 60th to 70th percentile
521077 Junior S ARUN SADANANDAN A Certificate of Participation
521078 Junior SAI ARADHANA MAHADEVAN K MAHADEVA IYER Brillant Perfromance Award
521079 Junior SANDRA VIJAYAN VIJAYA KUMARAN NAIR D Certificate of Participation
521081 Junior SHAHINA NIZAMUDHEEN Certificate of Participation
521082 Junior SHAHNA N R NOUSHAD A 50th to 60th percentile
521083 Junior SIHAD S SIDHEEK Brillant Perfromance Award
521084 Junior SINDHUJA VENKADA MURALI 70 to 80 percentile
521085 Junior SIVA RENJINI J M MANIKANDAN T 60th to 70th percentile
521086 Junior SREECHANDANA S S SUNIL 50th to 60th percentile
521087 Junior SREEJITH CHANDRAN B CHANDRASHEKHARAN NAIR 60th to 70th percentile
521088 Junior SREELEKSHMI G BALASUBRAMANIAN P Brillant Perfromance Award
521089 Junior SREESH S SREEKUMAR S Certificate of Participation
521090 Junior SRELEKSHMI P S SREEKUMARAN NAIR K Certificate of Participation
521091 Junior SURYA S RAJENDRAN NAIR B 80th to 90th percentile
521092 Junior SWETHA P UTHAMAN V 50th to 60th percentile
521094 Junior THERES KURUVILLA KURUVILLA J Certificate of Participation
521095 Junior VAISAKH A S ASOKAN K Certificate of Participation
521096 Junior VAISAKH J P S JOSHI 60th to 70th percentile
521097 Junior VAISHNAV V PAI VIDYAPATHI PAI R Certificate of Participation
521098 Junior VANDANA S SASIDHARAN 70 to 80 percentile
521099 Junior VEENA V B VENU KUMAR B 70 to 80 percentile
522001 Senior ABHIRAG S SURESH KUMAR D Certificate of Participation
522002 Senior ABHIRAMI M R RAJEESH R 80th to 90th percentile
522003 Senior ABHISHEG B S BABURAJ S P 70th to 80th percentile
522004 Senior ADITHYA M A MOHAPRADEEP 60th to 70th percentile
522007 Senior AMAL S SURENDRAN SURENDRAN V P 60th to 70th percentile
522009 Senior ANJANA I S R SURENDRAN PILLAI Outsatnding Perfromance Award Center Topper
522010 Senior ANJANA M MOHANAN D Certificate of Participation
522011 Senior ANJANA M J MOHANA KUMAR S 60th to 70th percentile
522012 Senior ANJU B BAIJU D 80th to 90th percentile
522014 Senior APARNNA KRISHNAN GOPALAKRISHNAN Certificate of Participation
522015 Senior ARCHANAM MOHANAN D Certificate of Participation
522016 Senior ARYA S PILLAI K SUKUMARAN Certificate of Participation
522017 Senior ASWANI R VIKRAMAN PILLAI 50th to 60th percentile
522018 Senior ATHIRA G S SUDHEESH A S 70th to 80th percentile
522019 Senior ATHUL GIREESH GIREESAN PILLAI P Certificate of Participation
522020 Senior DEEPIKA CHANDRAN DILEEP CHANDRAN NAIR B 60th to 70th percentile
522021 Senior FATHIMA JISANA MUHAMMED ASHARAF M 70th to 80th percentile
522045 Senior GAYATHRI S A K SUNIL KUMAR Brillant Performance Award
522022 Senior GIRI SANKAR H HAREENDRA KUMAR S 70th to 80th percentile
522024 Senior JAYALEKSHMI J B JAGAL PRASAD Certificate of Participation
522026 Senior KARISHMA NATH G K GOPINATHAN Certificate of Participation
522027 Senior KARTHIKA J JAYAPRAKASH T Certificate of Participation
522028 Senior KEERTHANA K VIJAYAN PILLAI S 70th to 80th percentile
522029 Senior KRISHNAPRIYA A M MURALEEDHARAN 50th to 60th percentile
522031 Senior MONU M DAS MOHANA DAS S Certificate of Participation
522032 Senior MUBARAK NUJUM NUJUM Certificate of Participation
522033 Senior MUHAMMED SHABEER M P ABDUL MAJEED M P 80th to 90th percentile
522034 Senior NIRANJANA A AJAYAKUMAR G Certificate of Participation
522035 Senior RESHMA V NAIR S VASUDEVAN NAIR 80th to 90th percentile
522036 Senior RITU BRIGHT L K BRIGHT SINGH 80th to 90th percentile
522037 Senior ROHIT SURESH SURESH V Certificate of Participation
522038 Senior S PREETHI SUNDARARAJ S Certificate of Participation
522039 Senior SARATHKUMAR S SREEKUMAR V 60th to 70th percentile
522040 Senior SREELEKSHMI S RAVEENDRAN NAIR S 80th to 90th percentile
522041 Senior SUKANYA S SUBBARAYAN POTTY A 80th to 90th percentile
522042 Senior SURYA SURENDRAN SURENDRAN V G Certificate of Participation
522043 Senior SYAMA S S SASI V 80th to 90th percentile

Professor, Dept. of Accounting & Statistics
Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur