An Accounting Knowledge Competition organised by
Indian Accounting Association




Center: Amritsar

Roll No Level Name Father Name Result Center Topper Award
161001 Junior AASHIMA JOSHI BHUSHAN JOSHI 80th to 90th percentile
161002 Junior AASHNA JOSHI ASHWANI KUMAR 50th to 60th percentile
161052 Junior AKANKSHA MAHAJAN AMARDEEP MAHAJAN 80th to 90th percentile
161003 Junior AMANPREET KAUR MANJIT SINGH Certificate of Participation
161005 Junior ANJALI SURAJ KUMAR 60th to 70th percentile
161004 Junior ANJALI ASHOK KUMAR Certificate of Participation
161006 Junior DIKSHA ARORA KESHAV CHANDER 70 to 80 percentile
161007 Junior DIVYA JYOTI PAWAN KUMAR 70 to 80 percentile
161008 Junior DRISTHI GAURAV NARULA 60th to 70th percentile
161009 Junior EKAMJOT KAUR HARPREET SINGH Brillant Perfromance Award
161010 Junior GURLEEN KAUR PARMINDERJIT SINGH 80th to 90th percentile
161011 Junior HARNEET KAUR PARVINDER SINGH Certificate of Participation
161012 Junior JAINIKA JAIN AJAY JAIN 70 to 80 percentile
161013 Junior JASKIRAT KAUR HARPREET SINGH Certificate of Participation
161014 Junior JASSICA ARORA ROHIT ARORA 70 to 80 percentile
161015 Junior JHANVI CHETAN ARORA Outsanding Performance Award Center Topper
161016 Junior KAJAL PANDEY RAJNESH PANDEY 80th to 90th percentile
161017 Junior KOMAL RAJ KUMAR BHATIA 60th to 70th percentile
161018 Junior KRITIKA RAMAN KUMAR 80th to 90th percentile
161019 Junior KULPREET KAUR MANMEET SINGH 50th to 60th percentile
161020 Junior LAKSHMI RAMBRISH Brillant Perfromance Award
161053 Junior MAHIMA ASHWANI KUMAR 50th to 60th percentile
161021 Junior MEHAK RAJINDER KUMAR 50th to 60th percentile
161022 Junior MUSKAAN ANAND SATINDER ANAND 80th to 90th percentile
161023 Junior MUSKAAN SHARMA RAKESH KUMAR 70 to 80 percentile
161025 Junior MUSKAN RAJWINDER SINGH 70 to 80 percentile
161024 Junior MUSKAN ARUN KUMAR 50th to 60th percentile
161026 Junior MUSKAN MAHAJAN RAJ KUMAR MAHAJAN 80th to 90th percentile
161027 Junior MUSKAN SURI RAKESH KUMAR SURI Outsanding Performance Award
161029 Junior PRABHDEEP KAUR JATINDER SINGH 80th to 90th percentile
161030 Junior PRABHJEET KAUR JASPAL SINGH 50th to 60th percentile
161031 Junior PRIYA SUDESH SONI Brillant Perfromance Award
161032 Junior REETU SHREE NATH 70 to 80 percentile
161033 Junior RIDHI TALWAR RAJIV TALWAR 50th to 60th percentile
161034 Junior RITIKA PAWAN BHATIA Certificate of Participation
161035 Junior RIYA SHARMA RAKESH KUMAR 60th to 70th percentile
161036 Junior ROHINI RAJESH BHATIA 80th to 90th percentile
161037 Junior RUCHI SHARMA AVINASH CHANDER 60th to 70th percentile
161038 Junior SAHIBA PAWAN KUMAR 50th to 60th percentile
161039 Junior SARANPREET KAUR GURCHARAN SINGH 80th to 90th percentile
161040 Junior SAVI SHARMA GULSHAN KUMAR 70 to 80 percentile
161041 Junior SIMRAN AMRIT LAL CHAURASIA Certificate of Participation
161043 Junior SRISHTI GUPTA NEERAJ GUPTA Certificate of Participation
161044 Junior TANVI NARESH SHARMA 80th to 90th percentile
161045 Junior TANVI KAPOOR NARESH KAPOOR 80th to 90th percentile
161046 Junior UPINDERJIT KAUR PARAMJIT SINGH Brillant Perfromance Award
161047 Junior VANSHIKA KAKKAR KAMAL KISHORE Brillant Perfromance Award
161048 Junior VIDHI GUPTA RAKESH LAL 70 to 80 percentile
161049 Junior VIKASPREET KAUR BHUPINDERJIT SINGH 50th to 60th percentile
161050 Junior YUKTA NARESH MAHAJAN Certificate of Participation
161051 Junior YUKTA SHARMA SANJEEV SHARMA 50th to 60th percentile
162001 Senior PALLVI JAGJIT KUMAR DHAWAN Brillant Performance Award Center Topper
162002 Senior SANDEEP KAUR HARPAL SINGH 60th to 70th percentile
162003 Senior SUKHPREET KAUR PARGAT SINGH Brillant Performance Award

Professor, Dept. of Accounting & Statistics
Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur