An Accounting Knowledge Competition organised by
Indian Accounting Association



Course Coverage


  • Financial Accounting Cycle including Journal, Day Books, Ledger, Trial Balance, Adjustment Entries, Final Accounts, Rectification of Errors,
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement, Depreciation Accounting, Accounting for Non-Profit Making Organizations, Accounting for consignment and joint venture, insurance claims.
  • Partnership Accounts, Accounting for issue, reissue and forfeiture of shares, issue and redemption of preference shares and debentures.
  • Costing Concepts, elements and Classification of Cost, Unit Costing.
  • Elementary knowledge of IND AS


  • Financial & Management Accounting
  • Basic Accounting concepts, Capital and Revenue, Financial statements
  • Partnership Accounts: Admission, Retirement, Death, Dissolution and Cash Distribution.
  • Advanced Company Accounts: Issue, forfeiture, Purchase of Business, Liquidation, Valuation of shares, Amalgamation, Absorption and Reconstruction, Holding Company Accounts.
  • Cost and Management Accounting: Ratio Analysis, Funds Flow Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Marginal costing and Break-even analysis, Standard costing, Budgetary control, Costing for decision-making.
  • Responsibility accounting

Business Statistics

  • Data types, Data collection and analysis, sampling need, errors and methods of sampling, Normal distribution, Hypothesis testing, Analysis and Interpretation of Data.
  • Correlation and Regression, small sample tests-t-test, F-test and chi-square test.
  • Financial Management
  • Capital Structure, Financial and Operating leverage
  • Cost of capital, Capital budgeting
  • Working capital management
  • Dividend Policy

Advanced Accounting and Finance

  • Accounting standards : IND AS and IFRS, Responsibility Accounting, Social Accounting.
  • Money and Capital market, Working of stock exchanges in India, NSE, OTCEI, NASDAQ, Derivatives and Options.
  • Regulatory Authorities : SEBI, Ratting Agencies; New Instruments : GDRs, ADRs
  • Venture Capital Funds, Mergers and Acquisitions, Mutual Funds, Lease Financing, Factoring, Measurement of risk and returns, securities and portfolios

Income Tax and Tax Planning

  • Basic concepts, Residential status and tax incidence, exempted incomes, computation of taxable income under various heads.
  • Computation of taxable income of individuals and firms.
  • Deduction of tax, filing of returns, different types of assessment; Defaults and penalties.
  • Tax planning : Concepts, significance and problems of tax planning, Tax evasion and tax avoidance, methods of tax planning.
  • Tax considerations in specific business decisions, viz., make or buy; own or lease, retain or replace; export or domestic sales; shut-down or closure; expand or contract; invest or disinvest
  • Computer Application in Income Tax and Tax Planning.

Professor, Dept. of Accounting & Statistics
Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur